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Words are the very fabric of life, from our first cry in the labour ward, to “I do“ in the chapel, and even our very last breath. We shape our lives, and thoughts through the fabric of words. This book will teach you the very intention of God through the simple verbs of “I will,“ “I shall,“ and “I am,“ while seeking to break down the elements that make every believer an Elohim. You will also find a collection of several hundred I AM declarations. Each one has been carefully crafted to bring you into a culture of complete awareness of the power of your words, and the victory you can achieve by releasing what you are daily; from health, finance, relationships, and more. The truth is, positive confessions alone do not work, but positive confessions with a revelation foundation change everything. This is not a self help book; this is a declaration of your evidential identity. As you begin to read this book, you will get the clarity to differentiate between truth, and facts. Only then can you walk into your divine truth.


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