Unlock the power that God has placed in your words, the power of Elohim, and move into your divine truth

In the beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God... Words are the very fabric of life, from our first cry in the labour ward, to “I do“ in the chapel, and even our very last breath. We shape our lives, and thoughts through the fabric of words. This book will teach you the very intention of God through the simple verbs of “I will,“ “I shall,“ and “I am,“ while seeking to break down the elements that make every believer an Elohim.


Prayer is a prophetic language. When we pray we are partnering with God concerning his operations on the earth.

Prayer in any form is our human effort to bring God’s intervention upon the earth to bring his will in this domain. This book has three prayer points; Praise and Worship, Declarations and Warfare. This is the perfect book for someone who desires to learn how to pray, grow their prayer vocabulary or to develop a language of worship. From the heart of a psalmist comes forth prophetic utterance.